Validation and Quality Assurance Package ~ £50 per Term

  • Registration of the NQTs induction period with the TRA (Teaching Regulation Agency) including start date, end date and any agreed extensions
  • Quality assurance activities surrounding:
  • the eligibility of NQTs to take part in induction
  • the suitability of the school’s programme for the supervision and training of the NQT
  • confirmation and monitoring that the NQT is working to a 90% timetable and has appropriate PPA time
  • ensuring that the Headteachers, induction tutors and governing bodies are aware of and capable of meeting their responsibilities
  • A named contact for the NQT with whom the NQT may raise concerns about their induction programme, where the school does not resolve them internally
  • Clarity of end dates, length of induction and form submission dates where schools employ NQTs mid term or part time NQTs
  • Provision of assessment forms for use in schools
  • Provision of a guidance booklet for NQTs and tutors sent to schools upon PTSA receipt of data collection forms (before NQT starts).
  • Queries related to the interpretation or application of NQT statutory guidance and regulations
  • A contact name and number to voice concerns regarding progress of the NQT and to clarify that the guidance and appropriate support in place provided by the school is fair and consistent.
  • Collection, collation and scrutiny of termly assessment reports submitted by schools
  • Provision of regular reminders to schools for submission of forms and where appropriate, early intervention in cases where an NQT may be experiencing difficulties, to ensure the assessments are fair and provide support as appropriate
  • Records maintenance of data and assessment reports for each NQT undertaking induction
  • Decision making; for cases where shortening an induction period in exceptional circumstances is required and record the decision on the relevant assessment form, at the end of the period to determine whether the NQT has met the core standards and notify the relevant parties within the agreed timescales
  • Any other relevant Appropriate Body (AB) duties laid out within the regulations and guidance, revised April 2018.

Please register your NQTs by clicking on the ‘Register your NQTs’ tab on the left hand side menu bar.

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