Initial Teacher Education – SCHOOL DIRECT Training Programme



Poole TSA are passionate about engaging high quality, enthusiastic, motivated people in the teaching profession.  We have teamed up with the Learning Institute to offer our hugely successful teacher training programme for Primary Years. The School Direct route into teaching successfully engages theory with practice throughout the training year.  Our trainees are welcomed into a local school as part of the teaching team from the very beginning of the year and have the huge benefit of ending the year with the same school.  This enables trainees to understand the ebb and flow of the school year and most importantly experience the learning journey that the young learners engage in across the whole year.

Theory and Practice

A key element of the School Direct programme is to enable theory of teaching and learning to be very quickly put into practice.  Trainees spend on average 4 days a week in their placement school and one day a week training in local schools with excellent current practitioners.  They gain input from experts that they are then able to incorporate into practice in school with the support of their Class Mentor.

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This programme is awarded a PGCE, with QTS and Masters credits from the University of Worcester.  Trainees graduate as a Primary teacher, qualified to teach 3-11 years. What makes us unique? Poole TSA passionately believe in the importance of the Early Years Education.  This permeates across our training and therefore we ensure that a solid understanding of the Early Years Curriculum provides the foundations for training in the 5-11 years age range. Trainees must have a contrasting School Placement in the neighbouring key stage during the year.  Poole TSA has responded to feedback from past trainees and local Headteachers to increase the length of this placement to a full term.  This ensures our trainees are confident in the curriculum across the Primary age range and feel well prepared for embarking on their career in infant, junior, first, middle and primary schools. As our training programme has such close links to our teaching school, we are able to offer support packages beyond the teacher training year.  We offer Newly Qualified Teacher support, early career professional development and leadership development programmes.  These are offered to schools at a discounted rate if they are engaging previous Poole TSA School Direct Trainees in our programme.  It is a great incentive to enable schools to invest in their teacher professional development.  We are preparing teachers for a career, not just getting them through the training year.

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Support and Advice

Poole TSA pride ourselves in supporting our trainees to be resilient and well prepared for the career ahead of them.  Every trainee we have worked with remains in the teaching profession in a time when retaining teachers early in their career is proving a challenge across the country. Our programme provides a Professional Link Tutor who is the Poole TSA lead of the programme and available to support when needed.  This tutor will make visits during the year and keep in touch to ensure trainees are receiving the support they need. Our Quality Assurance lead will work with trainees to ensure the highest quality programme is in place and will ensure that the Mentors working with trainees receive the guidance to provide the excellent provision we expect. We also have a well-being lead who is in place to help develop the skills and strategies to support trainees develop a work life balance for their career to blossom. The Poole TSA School Direct programme is about success.  We will work closely with our trainees to enable them to get the very best from the programme and prepare them to provide the most excellent learning experiences for the children they work with.  

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