The Poole Teaching School Alliance’s aim is to develop a team culture working within a family of schools. Our collaboration is growing and developing and its aim is to draw on excellent local practice and expertise as well as bringing in the skills and knowledge of consultants and practitioners from further afield to enhance our provision. We are committed to working in ways that nurture a strategy of ‘School to School Improvement’ so that one school’s or one practitioner’s outstanding practice can be shared with others and systematically benefit the wider family of schools. All schools can demonstrate exceptional practice and specific expertise that others can learn from in order to raise standards for all children. Much of the CPD we offer is responding to the current need to develop leadership capacity within and across schools. The current climate relies more and more on schools supporting each other and it is vital that we develop leadership capacity within our schools to ensure continuing improvement for children and young people.

Should you require further information about any of the events on offer, or if our provision doesn’t meet your requirements, please contact us at office@pooletsa.org.uk  We are always looking to enhance our CPD provision so we will make every effort to accommodate your needs wherever possible.

Please visit our calendar or course pages for a list of our CPD offering.

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